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Driver Medical Examination Report/
Medical Examiner's Certificate Card

Regulations requiring an extensive redesign of the truck driver physical form became effective November 6, 2000 and revised again effective September 30, 2004.  These changes were brought about to decrease the number of errors and misinterpretations which were common with the old form.  The new form is longer and more involved.  However, L & L Transportation Services, LLC has developed a form which is very user friendly for both physician and driver. 

Qualification File Forms
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork and waste!

Save money and time by using our get-to-the-point forms to insure you have the regulatory requirements covered. Individual forms, cards, folders, and complete file packets available.

Log Books
We’ve built a better log book!

Our basic log book style incorporates only the information required by D.O.T. regulations and includes a tear off post trip inspection report, in the standard 8 ½ x 5 ½ side staple book, all on the front side! All logs are carbonless and can be imprinted with your company name and address.

Use only what you need -- try loose leaf logs in L & L custom binders.

Periodic Inspection Stickers & Forms

For a highly visible documentation of yearly inspections, try our bright vinyl truck stickers. Fast and durable, yet replaceable, these stickers can be paired with our carbonless Periodic Inspection Report form to create an unbeatable vehicle safety compliance system.  Custom imprint or blank available.

Maintenance Forms

L & L Transportation Services, LLC maintenance forms and files help you meet regulatory requirements and help track maintenance cost and history. Try us for custom shop forms -- you’ll be pleased with the results.

Accident Files & Register

File folders incorporate an accident recording system with a built-in telephone accident report for timely and accurate accident data. Simple to use Accident Register for D.O.T. recordables.

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