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Medical Examination Report Form (MCSA-5875)
Medical Examiner's Certificate (MCSA-5876)
Newest physical forms and certificates with 11/30/2021 expiration date available.

Medical Forms & Cards

L & L Transportation Services, LLC has developed a medical form and certificate which is very user friendly for both physician & driver.

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Maintenance Forms

L & L Transportation Services, LLC's maintenance forms and files help you meet regulatory requirements.

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DOT Truck Driver Medical and Maintenance Forms

Since 1982, L & L Transportation Services, LLC has applied our expertise in regulatory compliance to all aspects of the interstate trucking industry.

This expertise has allowed us to develop and continually update a unique and very usable driver’s medical exam report (MCSA-5875) and medical examiner’s certificate (MCSA-5876).

These forms work well for both healthcare professionals and the motor carrier driver qualification process. Vehicle Maintenance forms are straight forward and simple, and meet regulatory requirements.

Our forms and certificates comply with the October 27, 2016 changes as set forth in the Federal Register with the newest 11/30/2021 expiration date.

Our goal is to provide professional and individualized services to assist the healthcare and motor carrier industries.